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Level 7: The Great Palace

Getting to Level 7

To get to level 7, you'll have to navigate through a maze of lava. There are a few hidden battle scenes. Also make sure not to get sucked into regular battle scenes. You've gone too far to get a game over now.

WAIT! Did you get the Thunder spell from the man in Old Kasuto? You'll need it to beat the game.

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Rooms You Need to Know:

  • N2: First boss: Thunderbird
  • N3: Second boss: Link's Shadow

Congratulations! You've made it to the final temple. This is where your skill as a Zelda player is taken to the max. In my honest opinion, this is the hardest temple of all the Zelda games. If you don't follow the directions I'm about to give you, I guarantee that you will get lost. This level is unique in one special way. If you get a game over while in the temple, the game will restart at the entrace of the level instead of all the way back at the beginning of the game. I took the liberty of mapping out every single room in this level, and as you can see, it is huge. You don't need to go to most of the rooms, unless you feel like exploring. You will face two bosses in this level. The first boss is the Thunderbird, a huge butterfly-like monster that looks like an angel. The second boss is Link's shadow, a dark, evil version of our hero. If you get this far and beat the bosses (without cheating, of course) you are truly a Zelda master.

Here is how you get to the bosses. Their rooms are right next to each other, so they're both in the same place. You start out in room A1, the entrance. From there, take the elevator down to B2. Go left one room to B1. Go on to the top ledge and go all the way to the left. Watch for a background pillar on the lower level of this room. There is an invisible pit right after the pillar. Now you should be at an elevator. Take the elevator down to C2. Go right two rooms to C4. Take the elevator down to D4. Go right one room to D5. Take the elevator down three rooms to G4. Go right one room to the elevator in G5. Take the elevator down to H4. Go right one room to H5. Take the elevator down to J7. Go right one room to J8. Take the elevator down three floors to L4. Go right one room to L3. On the floor of L3, you should see a row of breakable blocks. There is a hidden pit under one of the blocks towards the left side of the row. Once you find it, you'll fall down a floor to room M1. Go right one room to M2. You'll be on a disintegrating bridge. In the middle of the room, under the bridge, is a pit. You need to fall into the pit. You'll have to use the Fairy spell to fit in the very narrow pit. Falling down that pit will bring you to N1. You're there. On the left side of N1 are some red magic jars to fill up your magic.

Now it's time to fight the Thunderbird. This boss is much more difficult than it looks. When you first enter the room, the Thunderbird will hover above you. It will be red. You have to use your Thunder spell to expose its face, then it will turn blue. Now you have to fight it. I recommend using your Jump spell and occasionally jumping up to hit it in the face. Watch out for the fireballs it spits out, they fall and roll across the ground. These do a lot of damage, so avoid the fireballs at all costs. And of course, don't forget your Shield spell. Be patient and take your time. Your concentration should be focused on avoiding the fireballs, and then occasionally scoring hits. If you're cautious, you'll defeat Thunderbird in no time.

The moment of truth has come. It is time to defeat Link's worst enemy: himself. I'll tell you right now, this guy is tough. If you try to fight like a madman, he'll only counter you. He uses the same moves that you do. The key to beating him is to take it slow. Stay in one spot in the room. If he jumps toward you, strike him. If you're feeling lucky, go ahead and outright attack him. But odds are you'll just get killed. Just stay where you are and strike him when he comes near. It might take a while, but you'll eventually beat him. Patience is key. Once you beat Link's shadow, you're home free. Link will get the Triforce of Courage and awaken the sleeping Zelda.

Congratulations! You've completed another chapter of the Zelda saga. Give yourself a pat on the back for completing what I believe to be the hardest Zelda game.