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Level 4: Maze Island

Getting to Level 4

Level 4 is located on the Maze Island. The olny way to get there is across this bridge in the northeastern part of East Hyrule.
Level four is on the eastern part of Maze Island. You will hav to navigate through a maze of hidden battle scenes. Now you know why it's called Maze Island.

WAIT! Did you get the Fire spell from Nabooru, and the Refelect spell and upthrust from Darunia?

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Rooms You Need to Know:

  • B3: locked door
  • C2: locked door
  • C3: key
  • C6: key
  • D3: boss
  • D6: locked door, magical boots
  • E1: key
  • E2: locked door
  • E4: key
    Level four has an annoying series of pits that make you fall to the next floor, make sure to avoid those until I tell you to fall down them. The special item in this level is the magical boots, and the boss is a giant Wizzrobe.
  • The first thing you need to do guessed it! Get a key! From room A1, take the elevator down to B3. Then go right one room to B4. Take the elevator down one floor to C4. Next, go right two rooms to C6. Be careful in C5, you have to jump over a pit or you'll fall down to the next floor. Make your way to the right end of C6 to get the key.
  • The next thing you want to get is the special item, the magic boots. They let you walk on water in the overworld. From room C6, go left one room to C5. Now it's time to fall down that pit. You'll end up on top of a disintegrating bridge in D5. Quickly make your way to the ledge on the right side of the room before you fall down another pit. If you made it safely, you'll be able to make it to the next room. If you fall down the pit, you'll have to navigate your way back up to C5. Assuming you made it to the ledge in D5, go right one room to D6. Use the key you got in C6 to unlock the door and get the magical boots.
  • Now it's time for another key. From room D6, go left one room to D5. Fall down the pit and you'll arrive in E3. Now go right one room to E4. Get the key on the right side of room E4.
  • Once again, you have to get another key. From room E4, go left three rooms to E1. You'll have to use the key you got previously to unlock a door in E2. In E1, get the key that's all the way on the left side.
  • Now you have to get one more key before you can go to the boss. From room E1, go right one room to E2. Take the elevator up three floors to room B4. Next, go right two rooms to B2. You'll have to unlock a door in B3 on your way. From room B2, take the elevator down to room C2. Now go right one room to C3 and get the key.
  • Okay, now you can make your way to the boss. From room C3, go left two rooms. You'll have to unlock a door in C2. From room C1, take the elevator down to room D1. Next, go right two rooms to D3. The boss in this level is a giant Wizzrobe. He may seem difficult, but there is a simple strategy to beat him. First, make sure you use your Reflect spell. Then just stay put in one spot in the room. The Wizzrobe will appear and disappear at random, while shooting little spells at you. Just keep refelcting the spells back at him. As he continually jaunts around, the spells you reflect will hit him and eventually kill him. This guy will be toast in no time. After you defeat him, go put the crystal in the statue blah, blah, know the drill.

This guy'll rapidly appear and disappear at random places in the room. Using your reflect spell, bounce back his beams. After a while, they'll start hitting him. Just be careful, sometimes he'll appear right on top of you.

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