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Level 1: Parapa Desert

Getting to Level 1

Level one is located in the absolute northeast of Western Hyrule. You can't miss it.

WAIT! Did you get the Shield spell from the old man in Rauru and the Magic container from the cave south of Hyrule Castle? You should go get those if you need them.

Click here to open the level 1 map in a new window

Rooms You Need to Know:

  • B1: key
  • B3: lockeddoor
  • B5: fairy
  • A2: key
  • A3: key
  • C2: treasure bag
  • C3: locked door, magic candle
  • C5: locked door
  • C6: boss

    Level one is the simplest level. It only gets harder from here, so enjoy it while you can. The special item you get in this level is the magic candle, which lights up all the dark caves so you can actually see.

  • The first thing you want to get is a key. From the entrance (A1), go down a floor, and go right 1 room to room B1. The key is all the way at the left end of the room.
  • Next, you are going to want to get more keys fso you can get the candle. From room B1, go right 4 rooms to B5 (you will come across a locked door in B3, but the key you just got will unlock it). There is a fairy at the far right end of B5, past the elevator. To get the next two keys, take the elevator up one floor to room A2. The right end of A2 has a key. Also, keep going to the far right end of the next room, A3, it also has a key.
  • Now it's time for the special item. From room A3, go right 1 room to A2 and take the elevator down 1 floor. Then go right one room to B4. Take the elevator down to C1. Go right 2 rooms. Room C2 has a disintegrating bridge with a treasure bag on it. Room C3 contains the magic candle behind a locked door. Fight off the orange Iron Knuckle and you're home free.
  • Now you're ready for the boss. From room C3, go right 2 rooms to C1 and take the elevator up to B4. Go right 1 room to B5 and take the elevator down to C4. Go right 2 rooms, C5 has a locked door, and you will be in the boss's room (C6). The boss here is fairly easy. There is a little trick to beating him. Stay on the far left side of the screen. When he comes to the point where he's right in front of the red life bars, jump up and hit him in the head. You should be able to strike him just before he gets into range to attack you. Just repeat the process and he'll be toast in no time. Now get the key and put the crystal in the statue.

When Horsehead gets to this position, jump up and stab him.


You should be able to hit him before he gets in range to hit you.


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