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Level 3: Island Palace

Getting to Level 3

Level 3 is located on the eastern coast of West Hyrule on an island. In order to get there, you need to go through a secret passage. The secret passage is in the graveyard. Go due south from the King's tomb (the cross alone in the middle of the cemetary) and you will fall into an invisible pit that is on the third cross from the bottom.
When you fall down the pit you will be inside a small cave. You'll come across a ledge that you can't possibly jump. This is where the Fairy spell comes in, activate it and fly up past the ledge.

WAIT! Did you get the downthrust from the knight in Mido town? If you didn't, you'd better go and get it. You'll need it to beat the boss.

Click here to open the level 3 map in a new window

Rooms You Need to Know:

  • B6: key
  • C1: key
  • C2: locked door
  • C3: locked door
  • C4: key
  • C5: locked door, raft
  • D3: boss

    Level three is fairly simple. The special item in this level is the raft, and the boss is a blue Iron Knuckle on a horse.

  • The first thing you'll need to get is a nice shiny key. To get this key, take the elevator down from A1. Then go left six rooms to B6. Be careful in B5, towards the right end of the room make sure to jump over the gap that has the elevator, or you'll have to use the jump spell to get back up. Now go to B6 and get the key that's all the way to the right.
  • Next, you'll need to get another key. From room B6, go left one room to B5. Now you can go into that gap and take the elevator down to C3. Now go left two rooms (passing through a locked door in C2). The key is all the way on the left side of C1 at the bottom of the floor.
  • Now it's time for you to get the raft. From room C1, go left four rooms to C5. You'll have to unlock a door in C3 and get a key in C4. Just before the raft you'll have to battle a blue Iron Knuckle. These suckers are a lot harder than they look. He'll constantly shoot swords at you, so be quick to dodge. Once you defeat him, unlock the door to get the raft.
  • Now it's time to go to the boss. From room C5, go left three rooms to C2. Take the elevator down to D1. Then go left two rooms to D3. The room D2 might be a little confusing. Right after you go in the room, make sure not to drop down to the bottom level. You should be on the middle ledge. When you get to the third ledge, jump up on it. Now break the blocks to fall down to the middle ledge. Once on the middle ledge, you'll be able to make your way right to room D3. The boss in this level is a blue Iron Knucle on a horse. He is annoyingly difficult. The first attack mode is when he's on his horse. He'll ride back and forth trying to run into you. What you need to do is jump up and hit him with the downthrust as he passes underneath you. After a few hits, he'll be knocked off his horse. Now you have to fight him just like a regular Iron Knuckle. Be careful not to approach him too far because he'll run off the side of the screen where you can't get him. This is very irritating. What I do is try to lure him to the middle of the room and strike him a couple times. It might take a little while to beat him, but just be patient. Once you beat him, go put the crystal in the statue and you're on your way to level 4.

The boss starts out riding on a horse. He'll stay put and then try to ram into you.

What you have to do is jump up and use the downthrust to hit the knight in the head, if you hit the horse you'll just bounce off. After a few hits, he'll fall off the horse and you'll just have to fight him like a regular Iron Knuckle.

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