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Level 6: Triple Eye Rock

Getting to Level 6

Level six is located at what is called Triple Eye Rock. You will see rocks in the middle of a dessert. You must walk into the center of the formation and blow your flute. Level 6 will appear at the bottom of the formation. Don't forget to get the heart container on the east coast before you go into level 6.

WAIT! Did you get the Spell Spell, Magic container, and Magical Key from New Kasuto? And did you get the heart container just east of Level 6?

Click here to open the level 6 map in a new window

Rooms You Need to Know:

  • C1: locked door
  • C2: locked door
  • C5: invisible pit just after third background pillar.
  • C6: mini-boss, key, locked door, Cross
  • D2: locked door
  • E1: locked door
  • E7: one-up
  • F3: boss
    Level six, you're almost to the final temple. This one is not that difficult, unless you keep falling down the myriad of pits. The special item is the Cross, which enables you to see the once-invisible flying ghost-things in the graveyards. The boss is a big dragon that lives in a lava pit. And guess what! You don't need to hear anymore boring ramblings about how to find a key. With the magical key you got in New Kasuto, you'll never have to look for keys again. So all you need to know is how to get the Cross and how to get to the boss.
  • The special item you get in this level is the cross. Starting from room A1, take the elevator down two floors to room C1. All you have to do is go right five rooms to C6, where the Cross is. But these five rooms are full of hardships. You should have no trouble with C1, there's nothing hard in here. In room C2, there are two pits you can fall down. Avoid them. I recommend using the Jump spell so you can make it over the gaps. C3 is simple with no surprises. C4 is a lot like one of the rooms in Level 3, just jump to the top and keep going right. When you get to the large gap above the elevator, use your jump spell to get across to the other side. Keep going right. Don't take the elevator. C5 is a tricky room. This room has an invisible pit in the floor. Notice the decorative pillars in the background, the ones with the Iron Knuckle statues on them? Pay attention to those. The invisible pit is just after the third pillar. Here's how to get past the pit. Make sure you have your Jump spell activated. The pit is two floor bricks away from the third pillar. Just after you pass the pillar jump up as far as you can and hopefully you'll make it past the pit. If you fall through, don't worry. You just have to take an elevator back up to C4. Now hopefully you made it though C5. In room C6, which contains the Cross, you'll have to fight a mini-boss. It's the same as the boss of Level three, the blue Iron Knuckle on a horse. Once you defeat him, go and get that beautiful Cross. Of course, I wonder why the use crosses anyways. I seriously doubt that they're Chrisitians, and I doubt even more that Hyrulians crucify people.
  • The boss is a little easier to get to. First of all, make your way back to room C2 (the one with the two pits). Now jump down the pit and fall down two floors to E1. You should land on a disintegrating bridge, just jump off to the solid ground on the right. Now you need to go right six rooms to E7. There are no surprises in any of these rooms, so they don't need to be mentioned. Now, in the mddle of E7 is a narrow pit with a tiny disintegrating bridge on it. If you want a one-up, jump over the pit and go all the way to the right of the room. Now it's time to fall down the pit. This next part is a little tricky. You have to drop down one floor to F2. In F2, there is a pit that keeps going down one more floor. You have to somehow get your way onto the solid ground to the right. The easiest way to do this is with the Fairy spell. Once you jump down the pit in E7, activated the Fairy spell as soon as you appear in F2. Then just fly off to the next room on the right, which contains the boss. The boss in this level is a big dragon that lives in a lava pit. The first tip, obviously, is to be careful not to fall into the lava. I recommend jumping onto one of the platfroms and staying there. The dragon will randomly pop out of one of the 3 lava pits. He is almost as tall as the ceiling. After he pops out, he'll shoot a quick string of fireball, dodge them. After he shoots the fireballs, he'll begin to descend back into the lava. This is your chance to strike. Hit him in the head as he descends. If you're brave, you can also jump up and strike him when he's up shooting fireballs at you. Just keep hitting him and be careful not to let the fireballs knock you into the lava.


This guy looks harder than he really is. He'll randomly pop out of one of the lava pits.

When he comes out, he'll shoot a stream of fireballs at you and go back under. If you use the Reflect spell, you can block the fireballs on with your shield, but it's easier to dodge them.

Be careful not to get hit though, it could knock you into the lava and then you're done for.

After he shoots his fireballs, use the jump spell to jump up and hit him in the head. If you're lucky you'll also be able to get in a hit as he dives back into the lava.

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