Forever Can End in Seconds
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“Forever Can End in Seconds”, Prologue

Forever Can End in Seconds

By: Kasuto of Kataan

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'll warn you right now that this story is probably the darkest and most angsty one I'll ever write. Some of the ideas I used in this story were also used in some previous ones. I actually thought about this story a long time before I wrote it, during the time I was writing "Rules of Succession". I have really put of writing this idea for quite some time, but I finally decided to do it because it was bugging me too much. This story deals with some dark subjects that might make some people uncomfortable. There are a couple swear words, but nothing major.


Shadows danced across the aging ebony walls of the cavernous house. A small lantern illuminated a dilapidated old table, and the flickering rays of light cast an eerie glow onto a woman’s tired, drawn face. She took a sip from a small glass of liquor that sat on the table. It was all starting again. She could feel the strength slowly draining from her body and soul. She had experienced this feeling many times before, each time with the same end result. But over the years, the feeling had come at shorter and shorter intervals. It was as if her remedy didn’t want to work anymore. This time she would need something stronger. A normal person–with a normal body and a normal soul–would not do this time. She knew all too well that ordinary people would no longer have any effect whatsoever. That is why she had been seeking out a person with a stronger spirit. It had to be someone more than unique, someone with extraordinary powers. And she had found that person. His spiritual strength was more than she had ever sensed in any other person before. This boy would be enough to sustain her for centuries. Of course, his spiritual strength also made him more difficult to capture. It would take extreme steps to “extract” him, as she had so delicately named the procedure. Normally, all she would have to do was capture the person and perform the spiritual extraction. But this boy would take much more work. She would have to not only break him down, but all those who loved him.